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Edmonton Remodeler is a full-service remodeling company providing services to residential, commercial, industrial, and government & non-profit agencie


The Edmonton Paint Company offering professional Painting services of Commercial, Industrial, residential and new construction work.

Installation Services

Edmonton Bath & Kitchen can give you the home of your dreams with a complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Edmonton Plumbing

Edmonton Plumbing and Heating are a full-service plumbing, heating and cooling facility and offer a wide range of services to both commercial and residential customers including:
• Plumbing services
• Heating services
• Heater and boiler installation
• Boiler repair
• A/C service, repair and installations
• Fire sprinkler inspections
• Violations handled
• Boiler and RPZ inspection
• Five-year hydrostatic tests
• Violations resolved
• Certificate of Fitness inspections
• Building Department permits
We also offer service and maintenance contracts to commercial property owners and managers to help keep their systems running and in tip-top shape.




The verity is that a plumbing repair may be necessary at any time and, for that reason, Edmonton Plumbing offer a team of professionals 24 hours a day so that when you call us urgently, you can meet us and move immediately to your home so that the damage does not get worse. Edmonton Plumbing have licensed plumbers to carry out installation works of new housing, so our technicians can do the review of the plumbing and issue bulletins that are needed so that the company directly supplies water for a home.

Why Edmonton Plumbing?
Our service has the plumbers for 24 hours. Edmonton Plumbing guarantee the best services with very competitive prices, excellent quality, and the best treatment to repair any damage immediately. In fact, Edmonton Plumbing have a team of technicians who are highly qualified and are continuously prepared to solve any incident related to repairs, installations, and plumbing services. Our professionals have spare parts for all brands and are always equipped with the materials and tools to perform their jobs adequately. To counteract the effects of breaks in pipes, jams, floods, Edmonton Plumbing offer that you must contact our professional's plumbing company that operates every day of the year.
What Edmonton Plumbing offer?
Edmonton Plumbing and Heating are specialised in all kinds of repairs and breakdowns, which may occur both at home and in your business. Edmonton Plumbing and Heating carry out arrangements leaks, humidity related problems, repair water pumps, boilers, water heaters, and electric water heaters. In addition, Edmonton Plumbing managed all faults related to general plumbing, heating system, and installation of natural gas. Sometimes a change and installation of faucets, toilets, sinks or pipes after constant usage produce problems of leaks, humidity or minor flooding, which is necessary to repair. Also, Edmonton Plumbing take care of repairing tanks, heaters and water heaters, as well as perform unblocking pipes and drain that too quickly and easily.
Edmonton Plumbing have the best plumbing services so far. Edmonton Plumbing have the best quality for very reasonable prices. Also, Edmonton Plumbing always try to offer customers full attention of all our technicians, so that the customers feel satisfied with the work of the hired plumbing service. However, we are aware that having to fix a problem of this type may result in overspending for some users and more in this time of crisis. Given this situation, we have a free budget for the client can request without any commitment. If you see the need to call a plumber that guarantees the best service for the lowest price, we recommend you to tell us.


Professional staff:
Edmonton Plumbing and Heating have professional, qualified plumbers who have many years of experience in this relevant sector. In addition, the technicians are competent in solving failures of all kinds of issues related to plumbing. The best thing is that we are a professional company; you may be looking for as we are dedicated and committed to safety and security. Whether problems with the downspouts, plumbing problems, lack of flow or pressure, or strange color dirty water, we are ready to solve any of these things. Do not wait and contact our company so that we can deliver the best plumbing services in Toronto, because we are a leader and benchmark company in the sector.

Electrical installations:Professionals are qualified to perform electrical installations quality and with all the guarantees, also a power to make changes, install lamps, wall light points, plugs and rings. Whether there is an issue with the lighting of the home, our electricians move immediately to repair the fault of the system, either a power failure light or what so ever.

Carpentry services:
We offer wood carpentry repairs, assembling pieces of furniture, wooden fences, repair baseboards, windows, and doors. Also, we do an installation of wooden porches, varnish and polish wood surfaces and what not.


Our Edmonton Kitchen and Bath design and remofelimg is a leading Edmonton Kitchen and Bath one stop solution for design and remodeling professiona in Edmonton kitchen and bath remodeling

Do you want to remodel your bath and kitchen the right way and obtain some of the best results right now on the market? Then you are definitely in the right place, because our Edmonton kitchen and bath team of experts will provide you with the highest quality remodeling process performed very fast and as you see fit! All of our Edmonton Kitchen and Bath have a lot of experience in this field of work and our company has received numerous awards, so you can rest assured that by working with us you will be able to obtain the best results, at the best price.even provides you with a very high quality granite that you can implement in your bathroom or kitchen without any hassle. We can provide you with a design or you can create it on your own, either way our service is designed to bring your vision to reality in one of the most interesting and visually appealing ways that you have ever encountered. On top of that, our service also includes a five year guarantee so even if something breaks or malfunctions, we will be there for you to replace or repair it free of charge.

With our Edmonton Kitchen and Bath you will receive professional results from licensed contractors that bring you plumbing services, electrical services as well as contracting, all that’s necessary in order to up the ante and take your home to the next level. We will refine the interior of your home and bring in an amazing style, all according to your needs and instructions. No matter if there’s a home renovation, a small apartment or a suburban renovation, our Edmonton Kitchen and Bath service will be there for you.

As you can see, we have created the Edmonton Kitchen and Bath to suit the needs of all persons, and we also bring you the best value for your money. If you want astounding results and the best renovation for your bath or kitchen, don’t hesitate and give us a call right now, we will help you take you home to the next level at an affordable price!

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