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Edmonton Remodeler is a full-service remodeling company providing services to residential, commercial, industrial, and government & non-profit agencie


The Edmonton Paint Company offering professional Painting services of Commercial, Industrial, residential and new construction work.

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Edmonton Bath & Kitchen can give you the home of your dreams with a complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Edmonton Residential and Commercial Electrician

Edmonton Electrician are a full-service Electrician and offer a wide range of services to both commercial and residential customers we have a strong focus on making customers happy. This means we always put your needs and safety ahead of everything else. Its not hard to find a skilled electrician in Edmonton, but its hard to find who will give 100 percent on every job and take good care of you as a customer .
Edmonton Electrician have professional staff which is qualified and trained for each area of electricity in order to provide quality services. We have engineers, technicians and operational staff. We are also equipped with modern instrumentation that allows us to more accurately diagnose and troubleshoot more efficiently. All the works we do are 100% safe work with electrical safety regulations that today are required.
We take care of;
• Door phones: intercoms and video intercoms.
• Lighting: Installation of halogen, and all kinds of lighting in homes and shops.
• Energy savings: Heating control with programmable thermostats, automatic air vent radiators, energy saving lamps, motion detectors, and solar energy.
• Terrestrial and satellite dishes: Repair and installation of all types of antennas.
• Air Conditioning: Repair and installation of all types of air conditioning.
• Security systems: CCTV, IP cameras over the internet, spy cameras, simulated motion.
• Automatic Doors: Installation, repair and maintenance of all types of automation for automatic doors.
Besides, all these electricians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Edmonton Residential and Commercial Electrician

Electrical Maintenance:
Edmonton Electrician have the best technicians, that are professional in approved electrical systems for interconnected rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and continuous service of energy in internal networks of high risk with support systems ups and power plants, that improve the lighting of spaces designed and installed lamps, bullet and bulbs in every home. Our commitment is to always address the concerns of the customers in a way that all faults can be resolved in the shortest possible time, with the minimal costs


Edmonton Electrician

Short circuits:
A short circuit can occur for many worn insulation factors, electrical appliances (electric outlet, switches, plugs), there is a reason that causes more presence of this event and is the overload of the circuits, such as connect clothes irons and ovens hairs microwave showers electric stoves hair dryers in the same circuit. It is advisable to have marked the shots to avoid connecting many computers at the same circuit in serious case all wiring and plugs fails to problems like these contact the best electricians that we have.
Trained electricians:
If you are in dire need of an electrician, so stop wasting your time, effort and resources in useless services and contact us. We do all the new electrical or remodelling work. We work in general or any maintenance or repair. With us, we are dedicated to providing solutions to small and medium-sized homes, offices and businesses. The trained staff that is with us can easily detect energy leaks, short circuits, isolated zones, brownouts, our main fields of action are to current sockets, pipe PVC, gutter, duplex cables, wire, lighting, grounding, boards taco and totes. Follow us as we have the best tools to ensure the quality of work and safety of staff and customers. Are you looking for such a kind of service right?
We know how essential it is for everyday life that electricians must be loaded with knowledge as a person poor with knowledge can mess around. We are committed to providing a prompt solution. We take care of their electrical installations in every manner. !

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