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Edmonton Remodeler is a full-service remodeling company providing services to residential, commercial, industrial, and government & non-profit agencie


The Edmonton Paint Company offering professional Painting services of Commercial, Industrial, residential and new construction work.

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Edmonton Bath & Kitchen can give you the home of your dreams with a complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Edmonton Carpenter

Edmonton Carpenter are specialized in all kinds of services of carpentry or repairs. Also, we are specialized in restoring wooden furniture and woodworks that have suffered a casualty, accident water leaks or have been affected by fire or smoke filth from a fire. Contact us to arrange an appointment and prepare a budget free and without obligation on your part..
The most common jobs demanded by our customers are:
• Supply and installation of interior doors, entrance
• Supply and installation of wooden flooring and baseboard
• Supply and installation of wardrobes and kitchens
• Making stairs or wooden railing
• Making furniture
• Rework and repair
• Production of all kinds of carpentry work, both interior and exterior
• Repairing and maintenance.


Edmonton Carpenter manufacture and install all types of carpentry products, and in particular projects. Edmonton Carpenter also give technical advice regarding the choice and assembly of furniture. Edmonton Carpenter strive to give personalized attention throughout the process of the work. Edmonton Carpenter are able to cover all kinds of carpentry work either standard or custom designs according to architects, decorators, etc ... The professionalism and quality in everything Edmonton Carpenter do are our best firm once Edmonton Carpenter have finished the job. Edmonton Carpenter have carpenters who are professionals in repairing of carpentry, and services woodwork and all carpentry services for your home or property.
The best thing is that whatever issues you may have regarding the carpentry; Edmonton Carpenter are here to solve it. Be it the repairing you are looking for, or any modification, Edmonton Carpenter will form what you are looking for and satisfy you to 100%. Edmonton Carpenter mend fix, repair and design furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, fronts and interiors of the placard. In addition, Edmonton Carpenter do the commercial installations, remodelling, coatings, and furnishings for businesses, buildings, site work, and general repairs.
Below is a small sample of the services Edmonton Carpenter offer:
• Woodwork in general
• Professional woodwork Wooden furniture to size
• Customized cabinets
• Doors and windows of wood
• Blinds
• Wooden stairs
• Moldings
• Trunks, chests and rustic chests
• Chests and dressers
• Bathroom furniture
• Kitchen furniture, and lots more.



Edmonton Carpenter have a wide range of woodwork, from a small repair in a cabinet until the complete replacement of your home which you want to get fixed, mended, or repaired. Any type of doors, that are smooth, panelled, solid, with or without glass, etc. Edmonton Carpenter can also change and repair closets and dressers, both fronts and interiors. Apart from this, Edmonton Carpenter manufacture kitchens, any model, including high-end countertops. Not only can this but Edmonton Carpenter repair old doors and windows that are affected by the weather. We can manufacture items such as dressers, bookcases, stairs, fixtures, and radiator covers in various styles.
We can also make the desks, shelves of any height and depth, showcases, displays and, of course, any type of panelling are made. Contact us to know how many services we offer, as we have a group of carpenters who are specialized in this relevant field. We assure you will never regret getting to us. !

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